• Norfaziera manja
Chief Executive Officer

Norfazira manja is the leader of the Software Project Management. She is the CEO of the ConsctructIt and have been working for CIDB for 7 years. She creates this e-learning website to acknowledge people about Software that use in construction.

You always welcome to reach out to Fazira


Student Id: 2017609262


  • Nur Hafizah Zainal
Co Founder

Hafizah is the founder of the ConstructIt. She hadd been working under CIDB for 5 years. You can contact her to know more about Software Project Management.

You always welcome to reach out to Hafizah


Student Id: 2017465188


  • Noeraddiellah Ahmad Sabri
Chief Editor

Addiellah has been working with ConstructIt since it was founded. She also the Editor of Software Project Management Learning. Any problem or inquiries regarding Software Project Management Learning, you may contact her for more clear information.

You always welcome to reach out to Addiellah.


Student Id: 2017488722 


  • Athirah Rusdi

Athirah is a certified Surveyor by BQSM. She has joined the company since it was founded. She was a member of CIDB for 2 years. You’re invited to ask more about the Software Project Management Learning and she will help you out.

You’re always welcome to reach out to Athirah.


Student Id: 2017488766